Whether you are an experienced sales and marketing professional, assistant manager or the CEO at Inkeros, you all have started at the entry level.

Our organization is growing due to the growth commitments we have for our clients. Inkeros currently has 15 locations in Canada, and our client relationships require additional expansion within Canada, US, and Europe.

Our company wide initiative is to be operational in 25 locations by 2020. If you have the ambition to learn and lead, we have a REAL opportunity for growth. We don’t promote mangers, we develop future business leaders and partners. Our goal is to provide advancement opportunities to all the people in our company. We simply are ordinary people, with extraordinary ambition.

At Inkeros, we value developing our future leaders and partners from within. We don’t believe in just putting in your time, we believe in making what you want with that time. Seniority is not the best policy for us; we want to develop our people to have autonomy over their personal and career growth.

The experiences you gain at Inkeros will help build you an incredible resume. Our company culture is one that drives education and personal growth. The Inkeros opportunity has helped many had working team members dream careers become a reality.

With our current clients relationships we have commitments to grow and open locations in Canada, US and Europe. This means that we don’t have just 1 or 2 leadership opportunities, we have abundant growth opportunities for our team members. If you have the ambition to learn and lead, we have a REAL opportunity for growth.


At Inkeros, our culture is fun, yet intense. All you need to bring to the table are some key characteristics and we will provide full training for the rest:

  • High Social and Communicational Intelligence
  • 1-2 years’ experience in Sales, Customer service, Retail or Hospitality
  • Strong Work Ethic
  • Outstanding Student Mentality
  • Winning Attitude
  • Desire to Achieve Above Average Results
  • High School Diploma

Our leadership development and sales marketing programs will provide you the education you need to do what you love.

If this sounds like you, contact us!


  • Marketing and Sales
  • Customer Service and Retention
  • Business Consulting
  • Leadership and Management Training
  • Recruiting and HR
  • Social Media Marketing



  • "Simply put, INKEROS has been a driving force in both my personal and professional development. If you have the opportunity to start a career here you will find a business that focuses its practices on goals, mentorship, achievement along with both career & professional development."

    Team Member Inkeros
  • "My experience at INKEROS was invaluable to say the least. INKEROS is lead by highly experienced mentors and under the careful guidance of the management team, I was able to make something of myself."

    Team Member Inkeros
  • "What I enjoy most about working at INKEROS are the people, and after years of University I have met many incredible people here all wanting to excel in their lives. INKEROS is a place where everyone is incredibly motivated. They all have a clear and focused vision of their future."

    Team Member Inkeros
  • "INKEROS has to be the single biggest turning point in my personal and professional life. I started working with INKEROS as a 20 year old. I was an inexperienced yet motivated young man. At INKEROS I've learned about business, communication, setting goals and countless other skill-sets. I've learned to be relentless towards my goals. INKEROS has helped me to attain the skills required to build a great business and be in control of my financial future.

    Team Member Inkeros
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